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Abacus is as ancient Chinese tool and abacus method was originated in China. It is more than 2000 year old art and skill. Abacus is still Widely used in place of calculator in china and it is proven technique for the brain development. Abacus method of calculation is consider to be one of the fastest way of calculation. In success abacus we teach different ways of mental calculation and activities that develops numerous abilities and ultimately helps in development of both right and left hemispheres of the brain. The courses is designed in such a way that children enjoy it a lot during the course they undergo lot of brain development exercises and activities which enhances their mental ability massive.Abacus method is not an uncommon method it is now accepted and practiced in several countries like UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Thailand and of courses India.

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Free Vedic maths with Abacus

Success abacus has pleasure to offer Vedic maths free with abacus Success Abacus taught Vedic maths technique after 4 Level absolutely Free.A Child need to do lot of bigger sum of in his educational career 70-80% needs of addition subtraction, multiplication, Division are catered by abacus. However bigger sum Vedic Maths helps in solving these sums faster than the regular school methods.